The Parent Transport Boundary is defined as the area within 1/2 mile (Elementary) or 1 mile (Secondary) of the students home school where school bus service is not provided.  Within this boundary, it becomes the parent/guardians responsibility to arrange the method that the student will use to get to and from school on a daily basis.  

Because we understand that many student will walk to school within this boundary, we try to limit the students exposure to heavily traveled roads.  

Students who live in the Parent Transport Boundary will commonly use the following methods to get to/from school: 

  • Walk, ride bike, skateboard, etc.  
  • Parent Transport
  • Relative/Friend/Neighbor Transport



The Limestone Elementary Parent Transport Boundary is defined as follows: 

  • Prattwood Drive from Nassau Ave. to 113th W. Ave.
  • 113th W. Ave. from Prattwood Dr. to E. 41st St.
  • North of E. 41st St. from 113th W. Ave to Nassau Ave.
  • Nassau Ave from E. 41st St. to Prattwood Dr.


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Pratt Parent Transport Boundary
Pratt Parent Transport Boundary