Welcome to Sand Springs Public Schools Transportation

COVID-19 Message

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are altering many of our practices to  try and reduce the risk of viral spread.

Sanitization Process

  • School Buses will be sanitized between and after each bus route
  • Seats will be sprayed with a disinfectant cleaner (HOCl)
  • Handrails will be sprayed and wiped down with the same disinfectant cleaner

About HOCl disinfectant cleaner

  • HOCl (aka HypoChlorus acid) is a very weak-to-neutral disinfectant cleaner which has been used for surgical, medical, military and food industries for nearly a century
  • HOCl is the product of salt, water and electricity
  • Is EPA registered
  • Meets CDC guidelines
  • Is known as Natures Cleanser
  • Kills a wide range of pathogens (including COVID).
  • Can be used a different concentrations for different rates of COVID kill
    • 1000ppm: 10 min kill
    • 2000ppm: 5 min kill
    • 4000ppm: 1 min kill
  • Sanitizer and disinfectant
  • pH Neutral
  • Should NOT affect Asthma, allergies, or cause eye, nose, throat, lung, skin or other irritation or burns
  • Does NOT bleach or discolor clothing/fabric
  • Is Non-Toxic: is actually naturally produced by white blood cells of all mammals and plays an important role in the immune system killing pathogens
  • Non-caustic
  • Is most comparable to swimming pool water or human tears.
  • Is non-synthetic and fragrance free (although it does smell like a swimming pool)
  • Can be used on soft surfaces at low concentrations
  • Should not leave a residue behind
  • Does not require rinsing after application
  • Is frequently used in cleansers such as shampoo
  • Is recommended by NAPT (National Associate of Pupil Transportation) for usage on School Buses
  • Is frequently used in the hospital and food environments
  • Does not contribute to superbug formation

The Sand Springs Schools Transportation Department plays an important role in providing a safe and efficient bus ride for the students of the school district. We believe a first-class education starts with providing our students with a superior bus ride to and from school.

Transportation Eligibility
  • Not eligible for School Bus transportation.

  • Students must live greater than 0.5 miles from their school of attendance.
  • Students may not board the bus outside of the attendance boundary for the school of attendance.


  • Students must live greater than 1.0 miles from their school of attendance.
  • Students may not board the bus outside of the attendance boundary for the school of attendance.

Transfer Students

  • Once enrolled in the district, Transfer Students are allowed to ride the School Bus if they board at a pre-existing bus stop. New bus stops will not be created for a Transfer Student.

Bus Rental/Lease
In addition to providing School Buses for internal field trips and athletic trips, Sand Springs Public Schools will also rent/lease School Buses with drivers to various organizations in the Tulsa Area including churches, youth-groups and various other non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in renting a school bus from us, please go to our School Bus Rental section under Online Tools above or by clicking here.