Bus Stop Locator

Before entering the Bus Route and Stop Locator, please read the tips below.

Correctly entering addresses:

  • Enter the prefix after the road type:
    Ex. “Parmer Ln W”
    “A W Grimes Blvd N”
  • Do not spell out the prefix:
        Ex. “E”, not “East”
  • Do not insert a period after abbreviations.
  • Do not abbreviate street names.
  • Do not spell out road types:
         See table for abbreviation below:
 Ave = Avenue
 Hw = Hollow
 Rd = Road
 Blvd = Boulevard
 Ln = Lane
 Sq = Square
 Bnd = Bend
 Pass = Pass
 St = Street
 Cir = Circle
 Pkwy = Parkway
 Ter = Terrace
 Cres = Crescent
 Pl = Place
 Trl = Trail
 Ct = Court
 Plc = Place
 Xing = Crossing
Cv = Cove
 Plz = Plaza

No information shows up:
You are most likely either Out of District or the information you entered either incorrect or misinterpreted by the server.  Try reentering your address information following the above instructions.  Also try entering your address only, but do not insert the School, Zip, or Grade.  With this system, sometime Less is More.   

Walk Boundaries:
Per Board Policy transportation services are provided to Elementary Students who live 0.5 or more miles from their home school and Secondary Students who live 1.0 or more miles from their home school.  If information shows up, but there is no Bus # listed, you are likely in the Walk Boundary.  Closely review the information and it will clearly state whether you are in a Walk Boundary.

Notice on times:
Times posted on this site reflect the expected time the bus should arrive during good weather. Inclement weather or traffic congestion may cause the route to run later than the posted time. We ask that all students be at their bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid missing the bus.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 918-246-1529