2020-2021: Bus Rider Registration

COVID-19 Message
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are altering some of our practices to  try and reduce the risk of viral spread associated with our standard Bus Pass Pickup procedures.

Bus Passes
* Beginning this year, Bus Passes will be integrated with a "District Services Access Badge".
This new badge will give students the following abilities: 
   - Board the bus
   - Check out library books
   - Purchase lunch
   - Other abilities as they are developed

* District Services Access Badges will be distributed to students following the beginning of school

* Bus Passes WILL NOT be distributed in the conventional format this year
* It will NOT BE NECESSARY to come to the Transportation Department to receive a Bus Pass this year.
* Transportation WILL NOT be at any Meet & Greet / Back to School Night / Schedule pickup events this year.

If your student rode the bus last year
* Bus Routes will start the same this year as they ended last year, however, times may vary due to increases or decreases in bus riders.
* Please search for your address on our Bus Stop Locator to get the most up to date the bus stop locations and times for your student(s).

If your student DID NOT ride the bus last year
* Please contact us at 918-246-1529 to setup a bus route for your student.

If you have moved or need to change the bus stop since your student last rode the school bus
* Please contact us at 918-246-1529 to modify your students bus.

School Bus Operation Modifications

* School Buses have been cleaned thoroughly and will be sanitized following each bus route.

* Bus drivers may be wearing protective face masks, protective eyewear, etc.

* The 1st row of seats will be kept empty to help prevent viral spread to the driver.

* In order to increase air flow to reduce viral transmission, windows will be left down on the buses when feasible.
* Air Conditioners WILL NOT  be used on equipped buses (excluding Special Needs), however, heaters WILL be used when appropriate.

Student Requirements

* Students will be required to wear masks.

* Any student boarding without a mask will be provided with a temporary usage paper mask which shall be worn for the duration of the ride.

* Students who continually board without a mask or who refuse to use their mask while onboard the vehicle will fall under our disciplinary policy up to and including suspension from the school bus or may be .

The School Bus is an environment for Viral Spread

* Due to nature of the school bus, social distancing is highly limited by many factors including physical size of the vehicle, route time restraints and financial affordability.

* The usage of barriers / shields are not permitted due to associated safety issues and  legal restraints.

* The focus of the bus driver must remain on the roads as much as possible.  As a result, the driver may not detect a student who has removed their mask. 

* Parents are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to find alternate means of transportation for their student(s) until the COVID-19 Pandemic has subsided. 

* Students who must ride the bus are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED  to take the necessary precautions to reduce viral spread including: 

      - use of PPE such as (face masks, gloves, etc.)

      - use of hand sanitizers

      - trying to prevent touching of face, eyes, mouth and nose

      - good hand washing practices following departure from the school bus.