Welcome to Sand Springs Public Schools Transportation

COVID-19 Message

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are altering many of our practices to  try and reduce the risk of viral spread.

Bus Passes / Bus Rider Registration

* Transportation WILL NOT be handing out Bus Passes this year in the conventional format.  

Transportation WILL NOT be at Meet & Greet / Back to School / Schedule Pickup events this year.

* Bus Route Information will be made available on our website. 

* New Registrations and address modification will need to contact us by phone at 918-246-1529.

* Please visit our Bus Rider Registration page for additional information.

School Bus Operation Modifications

* School Buses have been cleaned thoroughly and will be sanitized following each bus route.

* Bus drivers may be wearing protective face masks, protective eyewear, etc.

* The 1st row of seats will be kept empty to help prevent viral spread to the driver.

* In order to increase air flow to reduce viral transmission, windows will be left down on the buses when feasible.

* Air Conditioners WILL NOT be used on equipped buses (excluding Special Needs), however, heaters WILL be used when appropriate.

Student Requirements

* Students will be required to wear masks.

* Any student boarding without a mask will be provided with a temporary usage paper mask which shall be worn for the duration of the ride.

* Students who continually board without a mask or who refuse to use their mask while onboard the vehicle will fall under our disciplinary policy up to and including suspension from the school bus or may be .

The School Bus is an environment for Viral Spread

* Due to nature of the school bus, social distancing is highly limited by many factors including physical size of the vehicle, route time restraints and financial affordability.

* The usage of barriers / shields are not permitted due to associated safety issues and  legal restraints.

* The focus of the bus driver must remain on the roads as much as possible.  As a result, the driver may not detect a student who has removed their mask.  

* Parents are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to find alternate means of transportation for their student(s) until the COVID-19 Pandemic has subsided. 

* Students who must ride the bus are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED  to take the necessary precautions to reduce viral spread including: 

      - use of PPE such as (face masks, gloves, etc.)

      - use of hand sanitizers

      - trying to prevent touching of face, eyes, mouth and nose

      - good hand washing practices following departure from the school bus.

The Sand Springs Schools Transportation Department plays an important role in providing a safe and efficient bus ride for the students of the school district. We believe a first-class education starts with providing our students with a superior bus ride to and from school.

Transportation Eligibility
  • Not eligible for School Bus transportation.

  • Students must live greater than 0.5 miles from their school of attendance.
  • Students may not board the bus outside of the attendance boundary for the school of attendance.


  • Students must live greater than 1.0 miles from their school of attendance.
  • Students may not board the bus outside of the attendance boundary for the school of attendance.

Transfer Students

  • Once enrolled in the district, Transfer Students are allowed to ride the School Bus if they board at a pre-existing bus stop. New bus stops will not be created for a Transfer Student.

Bus Rental/Lease
In addition to providing School Buses for internal field trips and athletic trips, Sand Springs Public Schools will also rent/lease School Buses with drivers to various organizations in the Tulsa Area including churches, youth-groups and various other non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in renting a school bus from us, please go to our School Bus Rental section under Online Tools above or by clicking here.